BANC3 is a technology and engineering firm, providing premiere services to the Department of Defense and various public clients. Our top management is directly involved in ensuring that all of our resources are applied to satisfying your requirements, from conception to completion with the best possible, cost-effective design and implementation service. Dun and Bradstreet has rated BANC3 at a lofty 90%, based upon our reliability, cost, order accuracy, timeliness, quality, business relations, personnel, and customer support. As an agile small business, BANC3’s steady growth has been organic, with our staff located throughout CONUS. BANC3 has patented embedded products in response to DOD’s next generation needs.

BANC3 provided services to Battle Command Strategic and Tactical family of simulation products, system design and infrastructure projects at military facilities; network designs/installation support; information assurance; and logistics, acquisition, and business operations support services for DOD customers and various federal agencies. BANC3 has developed world-class program plans and technical processes that have accelerated and continue to augment BANC3 capabilities and reduce risk.

Mission: We at BANC3 Federal will conceive, design, prototype, build and support innovative and powerful weapons and related support technologies to meet the specialized and ever-changing needs of U.S. military services and our troops.

Vision: BANC3 will be the firm that comes to mind when military customers think of powerful, effective and high-tech solutions to problems on and off the battlefield, and we will therefore be the firm of choice when doing business.

Values: We at BANC3 value the hard work of our troops, the good working relationships we have with our Armed Forces and fellow federal contractors, and the creativity and ingenuity of our employees who solve real world problems every day.


  • Established in 2000 
  • Headquarters in Princeton, NJ 
  • 100+ Employees
  • Successfully completed numerous projects 
  • Dun and Bradstreet rating of 90% 
  • Responsive Staff Available 365x24x7
  • Small Company Agility Combined with Large Company Mobility