We are seeking an experienced FPGA Developer to work on state of the art technology in a fast paced, R&D environment to design and develop various product lines. Candidates applying for this position need to thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced, high product mix environment. Must be able to work at Princeton, NJ office location.

FPGA Developer will be responsible for:
• design, integration, test and verification of digital signal processing applications on the FPGA using VHDL and Intel Quartus environment
•development of test benches in Model Sim to collect, analyze and validate performance of the design
• creating FPGA images, downloading to the device, testing the image on the device • collection and analysis of signal data processed by the FPGA image to test and validate the design
• using JIRA to update task status on a daily basis
• using Bit Bucket to archive VHDL source code and other data to ensure proper configuration control
• preparing and presenting design information both internally and with the customer
• attending design reviews with the customer • attending daily standup meeting with the team to report accomplishments, plans, and problems
• work as part of a small team (less than 10 members) to accomplish project objectives
• develop interfaces in coordination with software developer to collect data from the FPGA based device • develop FPGA techniques and algorithms based on MATLAB simulations generated by RF systems developer
• maintain and update individual task schedule that contributes to overall project schedule
• Must be completely familiar with Intel (Altera) FPGA development tools (Quartus) and Model Sim

Required Qualifications:
• Must have experience with Intel Stratix FPGA devices
• Must have experience with VHDL development
• Must have experience developing high-speed data transfer applications using Intel IP Cores including JESD204B, Serial Lite 3, Triple Speed Ethernet
• Must have experience developing digital signal processing (DSP) applications using Intel IP Cores including FFT and FIR filters
• Must be familiar with DSP concepts including FFT, Hilbert transform, real/complex data, spectrum, magnitude detection, and peak detection

Location: Princeton, NJ

To apply for this position, please email your resume to recruitment@banc3.com.