We are seeking an experienced FPGA Developer with 5+ years' experience to work on state of the art technology in a fast paced, R&D environment to design and develop various product lines. Candidates applying for this position need to thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced, high product mix environment. Must be able to work at Princeton, NJ office location.

FPGA Developer will be responsible for:
    • Design, integration, test and verification of digital signal processing applications on the FPGA using VHDL and Intel Quartus environment 
    • Development of test benches in Model Sim to collect, analyze and validate performance of the design
    • Creating FPGA images, downloading to the device, testing the image on the device
    • Collection and analysis of signal data processed by the FPGA image to test and validate the design
    • Using JIRA to update task status on a daily basis
    • Using Bit Bucket to archive VHDL source code and other data to ensure proper configuration control
    • Preparing and presenting design information both internally and with the customer
    • Attending design reviews with the customer
    • Attending daily standup meeting with the team to report accomplishments, plans, and problems
    • Work as part of a small team (less than 10 members) to accomplish project objectives
    • Develop interfaces in coordination with software developer to collect data from the FPGA based device
    • Develop FPGA techniques and algorithms based on MATLAB simulations generated by RF systems developer
    • Maintain and update individual task schedule that contributes to overall project schedule
    • Must be completely familiar with Intel (Altera) FPGA development tools (Quartus) and Model Sim  

Required Qualifications:
    • Must have experience with Intel Stratix FPGA devices
    • Must have experience with VHDL development
    • Must have experience developing high-speed data transfer applications using Intel IP Cores including JESD204B, Serial Lite 3, Triple Speed Ethernet
    • Must have experience developing digital signal processing (DSP) applications using Intel IP Cores including FFT and FIR filters
    • Must be familiar with DSP concepts including FFT, Hilbert transform, real/complex data, spectrum, magnitude detection, and peak detection

To apply for this position, please email your resume to recruitment@banc3.com.