BANC3 is in search of a talented and qualified HUMINT SME at Fort Polk, LA.

Qualifications & Experience: 
    • Previous experience as an Human Intelligence Collector with the US Army, US Marine Corps, or other government intelligence agency, with 3-10 years of experience.
    • Must have tactical to operational-level experience (worked to support Battalion to Division-level or similar organizations).
    • Must have attained a pay grade equivalent to E6 or higher in the US military. Education is not a substitute for experience.
    • EAB-level SME in HUMINT planning and production, data collection, and data dissemination.
    • Expertise in this field is measured by graduation from the Source Operations Course (SOC), Advanced Source Operations (ASOC) or Defense Advanced Tradecraft Course (DATC), and Defense Strategic Debriefing (DSDC). 
    • SME must have worked at a division or higher maneuver headquarters or at an equivalent echelon within the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Specific Security Requirements:
    • DoD Top Secret / SCI clearance Required

Full-time position,  Competitive Salary,  Contract Length: 3 Years,  Job Type: Full-time

To apply for this position, please email your resume to