BANC3's Space Systems division successfully completes First Production Run of Advanced RF Spectrum Monitoring Systems
PRINCETON, N.J. June 23, 2021 – BANC3, Inc. has successfully completed the first production run of advanced radio frequency (RF) spectrum monitoring systems which include hardware and software for the Next Generation Radio Frequency Detection Collection System (RFDCS) providing RF spectrum awareness in support of payload launch operations at sites in the US. The production run included ten (10) RF systems and four (4) Direction Finding (DF) systems. All the production work and acceptance tests were performed in-house at BANC3's headquarters in Princeton, NJ. 

This new cutting-edge RF receiver system monitors 10 MHz to 18 GHz with 100% coverage instantaneously and continuously. The RF System and DF System work without user supervision to identify and measure RF signals and their directions of arrival, alerting the operator when signals of interest are intercepted. A client-server software application including an intuitive Windows GUI provides signal processing, diagnostics, built-in-test, signal of interest alarms, and automated data logging. BANC3's innovative digital receiver system employs a hybrid architecture that provides both spectral analysis and time domain analysis in parallel. The system includes test and calibration software to support system maintenance activities during long-term deployments. 

Fred Ilsemann, Vice President of Research & Development at BANC3, elaborated on future plans for the technology, "With the first phase of production successfully completed, BANC3 is hard at work to expand the capabilities of the system by expanding the frequency range to 50 GHz. We look forward to starting the next phase of system production in 2022". 

"Our Space Systems division, a key player in RF spectrum monitoring, is proud to be supporting the next-generation RFDCS to support payload launch operations in the US. With BANC3's sophisticated labs, equipment, and hardware/software capabilities in place, we are prepared to speed-up deployment of next-generation RF systems products" said Babu Cherukuri, CEO of BANC3. In addition to RF systems products, BANC3's expertise further includes Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses and applications, and unmanned systems technology.