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The Rapid Response Project Office (R2 PO) is chartered by the Deputy to the Commanding General, CECOM Logistics Life Cycle Command (LCMC), to execute a unique, competitive, and streamlined business process that allows Federal Government managers to acquire contractor-provided equipment and services. BANC3 provided dedicated enterprise-wide technical and administration, maintenance, ongoing development, design, support for applications, web, database, and systems for the R2 organization. Mission requirements dictated that BANC3 personnel assigned were required to perform in areas such as web development, database management, web development tools, Domino, Microsoft SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Visio and all tools unique to the R2 PO applications and processes. After systems have been fielded and transitioned to CECOM R2 PO for sustainment, BANC3 designs, codes, tests, distributes, and installs software enhancements and corrections as needed.