BANC3 provided network design and support of approximately 150 users at the Department of Defense—Navy Expeditionary Medical Support Command (NEMSCOM). In continual support of humanitarian efforts overseas (OCONUS) today, the Navy Expeditionary Medical Support Command is the only facility of its kind capable of designing, acquiring, assembling, integrating, storing, shipping, and maintaining deployable medical systems utilized by the United States Navy. BANC3's functions included network design and support, IA, troubleshoot system hardware/software problems, analyzing data to troubleshoot problems, evaluate established methods and procedures, and performed similar analytic functions, interact with a diverse user community and respond to a wide range of requests, resolve problems that involve routine operations and worked with senior specialists on more complex problems, and customer support, service principles and methods, of the installed systems base, and methods and procedures for developing technical documentation. BANC3 has received several performance awards for this contract.