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Program Technical and Life Cycle Acquisition Support Services for CECOM

BANC3 provided Life Cycle program support services for the C-E LCMC Rapid Response Project Office. With a ceiling of $23B, the R2 PO is chartered by the Deputy to the Commanding General, Communications-Electronics Logistics Life Cycle Command to execute a unique, competitive, and streamlined business process that allows United States Federal Government managers to acquire contractor-provided equipment and services. BANC3's functions included Pre-Award Acquisition including analyzing trends, researching contract files, acquisition regulations to include the Federal Acquisition Regulations, Request For Task Execution Plan; Engineering/Technical functions including translating technical requirements into logical frameworks and eliminating ambiguous specifications, providing guidance on the preparation of Independent Government Cost Estimates; Security work including reviewing requirements documentation to include Draft PWSs, Required Operational Capability, Operational Requirements Document, System Threat Analysis Report, etc. to determine the level and nature of system features and information requiring protection, coordinating with Rapid Response Project Office customers, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, and the Acquisition Center on security and technical issues and employment, assisting R2 Project Office customers to develop a detailed Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification and related documentation defining the security protection required for the contracted effort; Budget functions include receiving and analyzing all incoming Direct Site, Reimbursable and Non-DOD financial documents, such as MIPRs; Facilities Engineering support including working closely with the security and DOIM Leadership to ensure the physical environment, security and general maintenance of the office facilities; and Post Award functions include processing and tracking of customer funding documents to include MIPRS and PWDS.