BANC3 developed commercial AR smart glasses and Android apps for ThirdEye Gen in 2017. The smart glasses were debuted at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2018. These AR smart glasses, developed in-house by BANC3's research & development team, required a joint design between mechanical, electrical, firmware, and software staffs. The headset features the following technical features: 

  • ELIC any layer micro-laser via motherboard built on the same cellphone process used by leading cellphone providers. 
  • Multiple rigid and flex boards. 
  • Developed all plastic and metal parts 
  • In-house development of firmware, drivers and application software 
  • Low cost optics  

BANC3 has in addition successfully created an AR software app focused on providing remote expert assistance for field service engineers and technicians. This AR Software provides a full Enterprise Augmented Reality platform that includes live audio, video, first person point-of-view AR data communication between remote users– a "See What I See" application. This app is hands-free - the user controls via their head-motion which is based on Third Eye's proprietary software - and provides an intuitive AR interface that allows on-site personnel to collaborate with remotely located experts. Its 3-Screen interface allows the remote user to have a clear Field of View while rotating between AR screens via head-motion. A secure cloud-based architecture enables the entire session to be archived for later reference. This app directly contributes to improved first-time repair rates and to more cost-effective operations.