PAWS® (Processor Aided Weapon Sight): BANC3 has been developing a Soldier Rifle Technology, PAWS®, incorporating unique “see through” optics, embedded processing, and a comprehensive sensor package to provide Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) capabilities to the warfighter for quick and accurate target engagements. It extends the effective engagement range and accuracy of existing weapons. This is accomplished by merging real time processing and sensor data to provide automatic ballistic reticle correction information overlaid on the optical line of sight.

In its present embodiment it is configured as a clip-on device that is compatible with both day and night sight optical systems. PAWS® is table driven, which allows the sight to be quickly configured with pertinent firing solution data (including range to target, weapon type, round type, Global Positioning System (GPS) data, altitude, tilt, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, cold/hot barrel, etc.). As a network connected weapon sight, PAWS® is capable of pushing and pulling information to and from the electronic battlefield. This can provide real time battlefield data updates for target designation and acquisition, blue forces location, and edge- to-net communications.

The PAWS® technology was selected for participation in the Tactical Network Testbed's Capability Based Experimentation week by the USSOCOM Science and Technology Directorate in May 2012.