The system uses a unique hybrid receiver architecture including both a real time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) and a digital instantaneous frequency measurement (DIFM) receiver to simultaneously process both the time and frequency domain generating very accurate signal data including frequency, amplitude, pulse width, PRI, average power, and signal duration.

The system provides a complete solution including antenna, receiver, and software in a ruggedized form factor making it a good choice for long-term deployments in challenging environmental conditions

High Level Diagram

Key features of the system
  • No scanning the band or tuning required … the entire RF bandwidth is processed simultaneously and continuously
  • Fiber optic interface allows separation of up to 10 km between antenna and receiver
  • Client-server architecture provides system access to multiple remote users simultaneously
  • Intuitive Windows based GUI can run on any laptop and provides detailed signal analysis displays
  • All signal intercepts are logged and archived for post mission analysis
  • Signal alarm utility notifies user when signals of interest is intercepted
  • Enhancements for direction finding and extending frequency to 40 GHz are available