The US recognized the importance of Space Technologies and created a separate Space Force for space dominance, with space mining and warfare projected to becoming big business. Notable firms such as Morgan Stanley have predicted that the next big game changers are space technology firms, with the space economy projected to be worth more than $1 trillion in 2040. BANC3 is playing a crucial role in this space technology transformation. 

BANC3 has developed a Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum monitoring system including a comprehensive hardware and software solution. The system provides RF spectrum awareness in the vicinity of satellite launch sites to combat the rising threat to US satellite launches. BANC3 introduced its new cutting-edge RF Spectrum Monitoring receiver system covering a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 18 GHz using digital receivers and innovative software applications to visualize real-time signals providing the user with valuable RF environment situational awareness. The digital receivers implement Real Time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSA) and Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (IFM) architectures implemented in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) providing 100% coverage instantaneously and continuously. BANC3's innovative digital receiver system uses a hybrid receiver architecture that provides both spectral analysis and time domain analysis in parallel. The system includes operational and calibration software, as well as a graphical user interface application for data visualization and system controls. It is a fundamental shift in technical approach that US defense programs will be using our digital RF spectrum monitoring systems in lieu of legacy analog receiver systems that have been used for the last three decades. 

Our systems can also be deployed for range monitoring, spectrum de-confliction, and tactical Electronic Warfare (EW) missions. Frequency extensions (up to 40 GHz) and direction finding (DF) options are also available. 

All the work is being performed at BANC3's Top Secret cleared headquarters in Princeton, NJ. 

The Government's initiative is that the U.S. should have "dominance in space," a focus that provides bigger budgets for the space systems now and into the future. BANC3 will be providing production units starting in Q1 2021 followed by future sustainment and maintenance of these systems. As the production systems sustainment continues, there are simultaneous expansions of technology development into expanded frequency coverage and enhanced signal processing to intercept and analyze emerging threats. In addition, these systems can be used for other use case markets such as FCC for identification of frequency interference and illegal broadcast, border surveillance, numerous military training facilities both within the US and at NATO nations' joint exercises etc. As Blue Origin (Amazon), SpaceX (Tesla), and others have been investing heavily to launch satellites into space, our receiver system is well positioned to reap the benefits of space growth, a faster-growing market. BANC3 has initiated the patent filings for Intellectual Property (IP) used in the Hybrid Digital Receiver and related digital signal processing technique