As a much more collaborative tool, our AR Smart Glasses with our AR custom apps can be used in a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, energy (power, utilities, oil/gas), telecommunications, chemical, and others. Our AR applications can be used in different stages of the product's life, such as complex assembly, maintenance and repair with expert support, training, quality control and commissioning, and automation. Since our AR headset is hands-free with no cumbersome/tethering wires or tiny touchscreen for the user interface, a field technician can keep their hands on their task without the need to constantly maneuver back-and-forth between workstations and instructions. As modern manufacturing involves putting together hundreds or thousands of components in a precise sequence as quickly as possible, and every new product requires a new set of assembly instructions, our AR Smart Glasses product will save an immense amount of time and money. 

Tracking and locating materials in a crowded warehouse has become much easier with the introduction of BANC3's AR solutions for logistics. While wearing our AR headset, the user employs our AR logistics app to check the inventory database for parts, get directions to the exact location of a part in the warehouse, and update the inventory database once the parts are verified and removed from inventory. Parts can be validated by checking them against drawings and models projected right into the user's field of view, allowing a side-by-side comparison between the part in the user's hand and the reference projected by the headset. Need further help from the floor supervisor? No problem - simply connect and start a two video/audio session with your supervisor allowing them to see exactly what you see and draw a graphics overlay highlighting exactly which part to select.