BANC3's defense technologies meet rigorous requirements and solve formidable challenges under the toughest conditions by maintaining a deep understanding of emerging and game-changing technologies. Our research and development capabilities and future technologies include Augmented Reality (AR)/Mixed/Virtual Reality (MR/VR), Small Advanced Weapon Sights, Laser Warning Receiver, developing fire control technology demonstrators and prototypes, pre-shot threat detection, and other defense systems. 

Augmented/Mixed Reality for Live Fire Ranges - Army Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Award 

 As one of the niche players in the Augmented and Virtual Reality product arena, BANC3 won the Army Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I award for "Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality for Live Fire Ranges" to meet the requirements of the U.S. Army Rifleman Marksmanship training, which successfully spurred a following Phase II award. BANC3 is developing a see-through AR protocol and prototype to create realistic simulated human avatar overlays on top of/in lieu of standard silhouette representations, as well as to replicate night/obscurant conditions (opaqueness) during live fire familiarization training. The proposed Head Mounted Display (HMD) will provide very accurate head tracking of the soldier with respect to the range environment, with a low encumbrance HMD design that does not change how a soldier would operate and shoot a rifle. 

The research will focus on the development of AR technology that supports range scanning with one eye and weapon sighting with the other. The AR technology will operate and support M4 and M16 weapon platforms utilizing various sights (iron, Red Dot, CCO, and ACOG). BANC3 scientists have extensive experience creating these kinds of AR training systems and are well versed with accuracies needed for successful system development. This award builds on BANC3's extensive research in this field and reaffirms its significant position in the HMD, Augmented/Virtual Reality sector.

Soldier Visual Interface Technology

BANC3 designed and developed a next-generation AR Head Mounted Display (HMD) for dismounted operations. From battlefield operations to specialized skills training, BANC3's AR technology is advantageous in a multitude of diverse fields. Without the need to look around and scan several different instruments, the warfighter has immediate access to all necessary information directly in their field of view. Waypoints and situational data, enemy and blue force locations, GPS, battlespace resources - all displayed in a manner that overlays the warfighter's reality without hindering or obstructing their vision, movement, and actions. 

Due to the variety of operational environments, engagement range changes swiftly. The soldier must be able to rapidly acquire and engage targets in order to have maximum mobility, lethality, and increased survivability. Advanced weapon sights and networked data have increased the effectiveness and capabilities of soldiers. AR and HMD technologies have the potential to greatly increase the soldier's situational awareness, target location and acquisition, and engagement. BANC3's technology includes integrating full color, high definition displays with brightness suitable for daytime use, integrated with an intuitive, informative, soldier and mission driver User Interface. Additionally, a secondary interface will allow for AR content to be displayed from a Nett Warrior Android device, including a wide variety of content - from simple symbols, to maps with personnel locations, navigation data, remote video, and static images. Integrated geo-located positional and oriented tracking allows for detailed, accurate situational awareness. Furthermore, the system would connect wirelessly to available nearby weapon sights, and other imaging and ranging devices to provide the soldier with remote viewing and information. Providing the warfighter with invaluable information that strengthens efficiency and survivability, these unique tools are paramount in adapting to the rapidly evolving battlespace.

Pre-shot Threat Detection (PTD) System

On the battlefield, a split-second makes all the difference. Urban-warfare is particularly a proving ground for sudden ambushes and concealed enemies. With the growing need to combat urban-warfare settings, BANC3 has developed a Pre-shot Threat Detection system to help in those split-second actions and decisions.

The PTD is a rifle-mounted laser used in combination with the legacy Advance Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG). The PTD laser system provides positive visible warning signatures from threat optics, including but not limited to: Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) sights, binoculars, and rifle scopes. The warning signature provides pre-emptive threat indication, allowing immediate, appropriate defensive reaction that prevents warfighter injury or death. BANC3 has created innovative and lightweight solutions for the PTD weapon mounted operational systems.

Processor Aided Weapon Sight (PAWS)

BANC3 developed the PAWS (Processor Aided Weapon Sight) Soldier Rifle Technology in response to the need for extending effective engagement range and accuracy of existing weapons. PAWS incorporates unique "see-through" optics, embedded processing, and a comprehensive sensor package to provide Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) capabilities to the warfighter for quick and accurate target engagements. The technology merges real time processing and sensor data to provide automatic ballistic reticle correction information overlaid on the optical line of sight. 

In its present embodiment, it's configured as a clip-on device compatible with both day and night sight optical systems. PAWS is table driven, which allows the sight to be quickly configured with pertinent firing solution data (including range to target, weapon type, round type, Global Positioning System (GPS) data, altitude, tilt, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, cold/hot barrel, etc.). As a network connected weapon sight, PAWS is capable of pushing and pulling information to and from the electronic battlefield. This can provide real time battlefield data updates for target designation and acquisition, blue force location, and edge-to-net communications. It can reduce the time required for long range first shot setups to only a few seconds, bringing an effective long range "stop and shoot" capability to a variety of potential weapons, including the modern generation semi-automatic rifles like the M4, M24, M107, M110, SR25, SCAR MK-20, DTA SRS, and Crew Served Weapons.

The PAWS technology was selected for participation in the Tactical Network Testbed's Capability Based Experimentation week by the US SOCOM Science and Technology Directorate in May 2012.

Free-form Prism Eye Piece

BANC3 developed the Free-form Prism Eye Piece by using innovative design principles to design and manufacture a new breed of free-form prisms for optical-see-through HMD. The prism is designed to work with the newest high-resolution color AMOLED micro-displays to advance the current state of the art in optical-see-through HMDs.