March 13, 2012 

BANC3, Inc. announced today that it has been selected as one of six prime contractors by the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) Night Vision and Electronics Sensors Directorate (NVESD) to provide engineering support and technology assistance under the Warrior Enabling Broad Sensor (WEBS) support contract. The WEBS, totaling $1.78B, will provide sensor technology engineering, administrative and operations support, field technology assistance, test and evaluation, and engineering support and services for night vision and electronic sensors systems and the rest of the sensor research and development community. The NVESD research and development group is the Army's most advanced technological leader, responsible for numerous key innovations in the fields of mission-critical applications.

BANC3 will compete for work involving persistent surveillance systems, improvised explosive device (IED)/mine detection, target acquisition, surveillance reconnaissance, pilotage, navigation, force protection, neutralization location and neutralization systems, hyper- and multi- spectral detection systems and human signature exploitation, research and development, systems engineering, technology demonstrations, modeling and simulation of systems, prototype fabrication, field testing and data collection, facilities and equipment maintenance, engineering parts and materials, networking, and other technical support. 

"We are extremely pleased to receive this award and are honored to be one of the few businesses holding prime contracts with NVESD. We look forward to supporting NVESD in its mission of developing advanced technologies for the Warfighter. This award recognizes the government's confidence in BANC3's ability to guide clients through the maze of new technologies that require a high level of expertise." 

- Babu Cherukuri, President of BANC3

April 24, 2012

BANC3 announces that it has been awarded a prime contractor by the US Army's Software Engineering Center, St. Louis (SEC-StL) to provide Information Technology Support Services. The IT Support Services will include dedicated, on-site support and maintenance for the SEC-StL network enclave, inclusive of computer hardware, software, network, data communications and Automated Data Processing (ADP) services, local and worldwide network connectivity, upgrades to the various software platforms and products, help-desk support, systems administration for all servers, hardware purchases and maintenance. The SEC's Mission is to provide life cycle software solutions and services that enable Warfighting superiority and information dominance across the enterprise.

May 8, 2012

BANC3, Inc. is pleased to announce that our Processor-Aided Weapon Sight (PAWS™) technology has been selected for participation in the Tactical Network Testbed's Capability Based Experimentation (CBE) week by the USSOCOM Science and Technology Directorate. The week-long, invitation-only event will be held at Camp Roberts during the second week of May. Capability-Based Experimentation week provides an opportunity for technology developers to interact with operational personnel and determine how their efforts might support special operations capabilities in a discovery learning environment. CBE identifies potential technology solutions, impacts, limitations, and utility to meet SOF technical objectives and thrust areas. 

PAWS™ incorporates unique "see through" optics, embedded processing, and a comprehensive sensor package to provide Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) capabilities to the warfighter for quick and accurate target engagements. It extends the effective engagement range and accuracy of existing weapons, and can reduce the setup time for long range engagements. This is accomplished by merging real time processing and sensor data to provide automatic ballistic reticle correction information overlaid on the shooters line of sight. PAWS™ is table driven which enables the sight to be quickly configured with pertinent firing data (range to target, round type, barrel temperature, position location, number of rounds fired, etc.). Data from on board sensors (or operated entered) is used by the processor to provide an optimized firing solution in visual format. PAWS™ can also be a network connected device, pushing and pulling information to and from the electronic battlefield.