January 5, 2015
BANC3 is selected to support the Small Unit Combat Systems Division in the Fire Control Systems and Technology Directorate (FCS&TD) at Picatinny Arsenal to develop fire control technology demonstrators and prototypes for Program Manager Soldier Weapons. This effort involves concepts utilizing sensor, embedded software and direct view optic with overlay display technologies to provide the user with a ballistic adjusted reticle to increase the probability of a first round hit. 
March 20, 2015
BANC3 is selected to support the Electronic Warfare Air/Ground Survivability Division in the Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate at Aberdeen Proving Ground to develop and demonstrate a laser warning system for US Army ground combat vehicles. The addition of a laser warning system to ground combat vehicles is high priority for the US Army and will greatly enhance the survivability of the platforms and crew during combat operations against laser aided threat weapon systems. This effort requires not only the development of the laser sensors but also includes the integration of the sensors into the platforms in order for the crew to gain the maximum benefit from the threat identification and location the system will provide. This program will leverage the many years of experience BANC3 personnel have in applying similar survivability systems to US Army aircraft. BANC3 will provide subject matter expertise and assist with the execution, development, and testing of the prototypes to meet the requirements of the laser warning receiver system performance specification.
July 20, 2015
BANC3 is chosen to support the Night Vision and Electronics Sensors Directorate in its acquisition operations to research and develop a heads-up, see-through Augmented Reality (AR) system proving the Soldier integrated data and video display from a weapon sight, a compatible transmitter and an Android Device. This Soldier Visual Interface Technology will demonstrate improved display resolution, brightness, see-through optics, full color display and multiple wireless interfaces. This development effort seeks to enhance previously developed technology by integrating fully color HD Displays with brightness suitable for daytime use. The secondary interface would allow for AR content to be displayed from an Android device. AR content could include simple symbols to maps with personnel locations, navigation data, remote video and static images.
July 29, 2015
BANC3 is selected to provide life cycle Post Production Software Support (PPSS) of the Tactical Internet Management System (TIMS) and network support for the System Deployment Integration and Network (SDIN) in support of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center (SEC) Command, Control, Communications-Tactical (C3T) Directorate at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland. The Tactical Internet Management System (TIMS) provides various Network Operations (NETOPS) functionality in support of the Army Capability Sets, the Integrated Tactical Network Environment (ITNE), and the Common Operating Environment (COE). The System Deployment Integration and Network (SDIN) is a DoD resource managed and operated by the CECOM SEC that brings together resources and capabilities into one centralized location in which Joint and Coalition users can share resources and communications assets in order to support and prepare for unique missions. BANC3 is required for the maintenance and configuration for operations networks, the installation, operation and maintenance of cyber posture for SDIN Cyber Security Cell. Additional efforts will include maintaining SDIN on demand Distributed Testing Environment (DTE); plan, engineer and execute the Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise (JUICE) for the Army, Combatant Command, Services and Agencies; maintain lab security posture and lab network/systems design; protection of government information; and maintain software and hardware baselines.
September 2, 2015
BANC3 is selected to provide lifecycle software support services to Financial Disclosure Management (FDM) in support of the Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center (SEC) Services Directorate. BANC3 will provide FDM Post Production Software Support (PPSS) services in the areas of requirements definition, development, testing, sustainment, customer service and program/project management. FDM is a secure means to create, review, certify and store financial disclosure reports electronically through an interactive, web-based system.