USARPAC G6 Communications and Information Network (C&IN) Support (Fort Shafter, Hawaii):

Under an ACC-APG RS3 IDIQ task order which was solicited as RS3-17-0019, BANC3 has been selected to provide program and project management; engineering and technical support, systems integration, and mission planning subject matter expertise required by the United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) G6 Communications and Information Network Support (C&IN) Section in support of the Theater Army Service Component Command (ASCC) mission command functions. BANC3's work on this contract covers on-site support services in Government facilities at Fort Shafter, Hawaii and support as required to USARPAC assigned units in Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam, and Alaska. The primary mission requirement is to provide mission support for USARPAC G6 C&IN mission command operations, programs, and activities including but not limited to: HQ IT Support, Plans and Exercise Support, Programs and Policies Joint and Coalition Integration Support, and Training Support.

Seaport NexGen IDIQ: 

BANC3 has been selected as a Prime contractor for the Seaport Next Generation (Seaport-NXG) IDIQ which is tasked with providing qualified personnel, materials, facilities, equipment, test instrumentation, data collection and analysis, hardware and software, and other services to support the Department of the Navy (DON) in the execution of its overall organizational functions and the specific missions of the individual activities and ordering offices. The scope includes services that have the potential to span the entire spectrum of mission areas and technical capabilities support by the DON ordering activities. Seaport-NXG covers services in two broad categories – Engineering Services and Program Management Services. 

Optics Technologies to Support Fire Control Systems:

BANC3 is supporting development functions for a full solution fire control, and/or weapon system. Our work includes design consideration for the ammunition type and performance at both the system and component levels. Additional support includes assistance with design, build, and testing of optics, optical system performance parameters (such as range, visibility, eye relief, field of view (FOV), magnification, thermal or other night vision capability, and environmental inputs), and assess performance of electro-optical systems.

USAF Airframe Maintenance Training:

BANC3 has been selected as part of a team to provide Augmented & Mixed Reality development support to improve the US Air Force's airframe maintenance training. BANC3's Mixed Reality smartglasses are expected to enhance USAF flight crews' training and human performance, increasing efficiency, while improving safety and proficiency of flight line maintainers operating leading airframes of the USAF. 

Strategic Satellite Communications Software Support:

BANC3 has been selected as part of a KeyW/Jacob's team to support an SSES NexGen task order to deliver department of defense business systems software engineering support. Potential areas of support for this work include software engineering, development and sustainment, business consulting, IT infrastructure, procurement management, and administrative services for the CECOM SEC Enterprise Information Systems Directorate (EISD). BANC3 will support EISD's mission to execute program management and lifecycle sustainment functions within cost, schedule and performance for all assigned enterprise resource planning, logistics IT, satellite communications, and DoD/Army enterprise business applications.

Digital Radio Frequency (RF) Receiver System Design:

To meet the challenging requirements of monitoring today's congested radio frequency spectrum, BANC3 is designing a comprehensive RF receiver system architecture to intercept and accurately process the RF spectrum from 50 MHz to 18 GHz. This innovative design will leverage digital receivers that employ a hybrid design including both pipelined FFT (DFFT) and instantaneous frequency measurement (DIFM) techniques allowing both real time spectrum analysis to be performed and pulse descriptor word (PDW) data to be generated. Our solution will provide 100% probability of intercept while mitigating the effects of simultaneous signals. This cost-effective approach eliminates the more traditional custom microwave receivers with more robust digital components ensuring high reliability, limited maintenance, and long-term supportability.  

Tactical Mission Command Applications (TMCA) User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX): 

BANC3 provides support to TMCA through software design, development, and integration activities, as well as testing functions such as unit and systems integration, sustainment and field support. Other responsibilities include developing, integrating, and sustaining interfaces that support interoperability within the Command Post Computing Environment (CP CE) and Mounted Computing Environment (MCE) in support of ASA/ALT's directive for the Common Operating Environment (COE), and other Department of Defense (DoD) and Coalition systems. System and software engineering is provided in efforts to design and execute new interfaces that create interoperability between TMCA, DoD and/or Coalition systems. 

BANC3 has been serving as the prime contractor for multiple years on the User eXperience (UI/UX) Support efforts. This work used our skills and abilities to continue implementing classroom training for end users and system administrators, video shorts for quick access sport training on essential tasks, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) for end users and system administrators. We have extensive experience with utilizing robust technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) in training to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, as well as provide on-demand, Just in Time training any number of times without cost escalation.

General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 (IT Services):

BANC3 has been selected as a supplier GSA Schedule 70 (IT Services) provider.  The General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 includes a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art IT products, services, and solution. IT Schedule 70 is one of the large procurement vehicles and most widely used acquisition offering in the federal government to deliver a full range of IT solutions including hardware, software, maintenance, network services, cybersecurity, professional IT services, and more.

SSES NexGen IDIQ Task Order - Comm JTN

BANC3 provides Post Production Software Support (PPDS) of the Tactical Internet Management System (TIMS) and network support for the System Deployment Integration and Network (SDIN) in support of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center (SEC) Command, Control, Communications-Tactical (C3T) Directorate at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland.

SBIR Phase II – AR/MR for Live Fire Ranges:

BANC3, under Phase I & II SBIR awards for PEO-STRI from May 2017 until November 2019, designed an AR/MR system for basic marksmanship training on live fire ranges. This challenging project increased our understanding of applying AR/MR in a military environment. The soldier wears a standalone optical–see–through HMD that displays 3D virtual targets downrange in both eyes superimposed over the real-world view. When the soldier raises the rifle to aim, the HMD detects and tracks the rifle and occludes the AR/MR targets. The virtual targets are displayed in the eyepieces matching the correct aspect ratio, size, position, orientation, stability, illumination, and shading to give the illusion that the object is placed on the ground in a fixed location. The HMD is a fully contained standalone computer system, including the latest mobile processor, displays, battery, and an array of sensors. All positioning, SLAM, and rendering are performed on the headset without the need for a wired or wireless tether. BANC3 was awarded and successfully completed the Phase II SBIR follow-on.