Augmented Reality Headset for Maintainers (SBIR Topic # N201-024) - Phase I Awarded

BANC3 is currently developing a complete headset design package for a rugged, marinized, self-contained AR headset for Navy aircraft maintenance technicians. Our work began with a short feasibility study on our approach and progressed with the development of a package of design documentation such as a design specification, hardware specification, software architecture, mechanical design specification, thermal specification, battery & power specification, and security plan. We will also include a plan for two factor authentication using CAC cards, as well as several 3D drawings of the proposed mechanical design. BANC3 will include in the design documentation a plan and approach for EMI, HERO, high/low temp operation, salt-fog and water resistance as ruggedization requirements. 

In preparation for Phase II, BANC3 will be developing a plan for a standalone, rugged augmented reality headset that can survive the wide range of harsh environments that the Navy must operate in. The same headset will be enhanced to meet all of the Navy's strict cyber security requirements as well as provide a method for two factor authentication that does not rely on network connectivity.

Autonomous and Intelligent Aircraft Maintenance Technologies (SBIR Topic #N201-015) - Phase I Awarded

BANC3 is using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enhance the capabilities of aircraft maintainers, by giving more natural, intuitive, hands-free instruction. Benefits include reducing manning and empowering the ability to rapidly employ advanced equipment such as cold-spray metallization and clean-laser systems, and using recording capability, providing an accurate, objective assessment of material readiness such as corrosion state. We will demonstrate unique Mixed Reality (MR) capabilities such as the ability to display virtual objects, using a currently available "best-of-breed" AR product and applications running on a common, open-source operating system capable of completely stand-alone operation, and we will provide a path to a military-hardened product that meets all environmental, Electromagnetic Interference/ Compatibility (EMI/ C) and Information Assurance Requirements for operation in a maritime environment. Our work includes research & analysis of the market of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for aircraft maintenance that can be enhanced by AR capabilities, including in data collection and results display.

Digital RF Receiver System Design selected for Production Contract

BANC3's wide-bandwidth Digital RF Receiver System Design developed for DoD Space customers has been selected for Production Contract.  This milestone is a significant validation of BANC3's successful and innovative design.   The production version will provide extensive insight into the critical nature of high probability of intercept and high accuracy RF signal characterization in real-time during mission critical operations. Our digital receiver systems will be implemented using high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), 100 Gb/s fiber optic interfaces, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), embedded processing, and client/server software applications.

RS3-17-0019: USARPAC Communications & Information Network Support (Fort Shafter, Hawaii)

BANC3 is continuing to provide program and project management; engineering and technical support, systems integration, and mission planning subject matter expertise required by the United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) G6 Communications and Information Network Support (C&IN) Section in support of the Theater Army Service Component Command (ASCC) mission command functions. BANC3's work on this contract covers on-site support services in Government facilities at Fort Shafter, Hawaii and support as required to USARPAC assigned units in Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam, and Alaska. The primary mission requirement is to provide mission support for USARPAC G6 C&IN mission command operations, programs, and activities including but not limited to: HQ IT Support, Plans and Exercise Support, Programs and Policies Joint and Coalition Integration Support, and Training Support.

Mixed Reality for USAF Airframe Maintenance Training

BANC3 provides Augmented & Mixed Reality development support as part of a team on a Phase II SBIR award to improve the US Air Force's airframe maintenance training. BANC3's Mixed Reality smartglasses are expected to enhance USAF flight crews' training and human performance, increasing efficiency, while improving safety and proficiency of flight line maintainers operating leading airframes of the USAF.   

Laser Warning Receiver Support SME and Technical Support

BANC3 continues to provide Laser Warning Receiver (LWR) Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and technical support to Government LWR Engineering Leads for LWR Trade Study Analysis, Source selection input, performance evaluation recommendations, performance, and qualification testing recommendations of an Army Ground Vehicle LWR. Using input from I2WD, our SME supports Trade Studies and acquisition of the LWR through the government PMs' ECP modernization process to ensure the performance and commonality requirements are met. BANC3 support includes recommendations on the development and execution of a standalone LWR performance test plan and provides LWR SME support during LWR testing and integration. In support of Configuration Management, BANC3 maintains configuration control of the common Army Ground Vehicle Laser Warning Receiver (LWR) Performance Specification and will assist identified vehicle PMs to ensure all necessary performance, maintenance, environmental, quality assurance, and training requirements are accounted for.

SATCOM - Post-Production Software Support (PPSS) and Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS)

BANC3 supports Post Production Software Support (PPSS) and Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) objectives for SATCOM systems by providing Quality Assurance analysis and Network Engineering expertise.

Simulated Training Environment-Live Training System (STE LTS)

BANC3 provides design engineering, field service and technical support needed for a M3 MAAWS Augmented Reality (AR) scope display leveraging their X2 MR Glass hardware architecture as part of a team supporting STE Live efforts for Direct Fire (DF).

Laser System Technology

BANC3 continues follow-on work from the WEBS IDIQ to provide engineering services, laboratory and testing services, data analysis, sensor evaluation, programmatic services, and facilities and maintenance services in support of the Imaging Technology Branch mission funded 3-Dimensional (3D) Micro-Electronics for Night Vision Sensors program and Digital Night Vision Imaging Technology program.

Project Manager Sensors-Aerial Intelligence (PM SAI)

BANC3 provides services to the PM Sensors – Aerial Intelligence (PM SAI) for development, production, modernization, fielding, and sustainment of integrated manned and unmanned aerial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensor payloads. Our work provides product solutions to support warfighting Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination of Intelligence products.