AR has the potential to revolutionize the telemedicine and emergency medical fields, and BANC3's AR solutions are available to enable health care professionals and EMTs with the tools to realize the benefits of AR. Using our AR headset with our AR medical app with better imaging, health care workers and emergency medical personnel can create collaborative two-way audio/video sessions sharing first person point of view video from the patient's location with medical experts at remote locations in real-time while also sharing medical data (test results from various devices, patient history, procedures, etc.). The headset allows the personnel with the patient to remain hands free and deliver care unimpeded by a separate device while the medical experts can provide precise guidance on examination and medical procedures as if they were there with the patient.

BANC3 developed Respond Eye, a cross platform application for first responders. This application runs on our AR glasses, smart phones, and computers through a web browser. It offers see what I see remote connections between doctors and EMS workers as well as hands free walkthroughs for standard protocols. It involves backend application and database servers linked to a wide array of mobile devices. We continue to work together with first responder organizations in the NJ and PA array to develop new features and refine the application.