BANC3 provides expertise in Oil & Gas projects for industrial and Department of Defense sectors. Our support ranges from providing automation, products, engineering, cyber security, EMP, and other cutting-edge products and solutions. For example, we differentiate ourselves by combining the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented and Mixed Reality (AR/MR), and Implementation of Drones to provide up-to-date visualization of critical infrastructure spread out geographically and in rough terrains, as well as proactive Risk Management. Some of the areas we have assisted customers include:

    • Risk Management: Our proactive risk management approach is geared towards anticipating risks and mitigating them before they become costly full-blown issues that impact operational stability and increase costs. Some of the areas include: tampering of critical infrastructure components; computer hacking; Drone Attacks on facilities, ships, and other important assets; Cyber Attacks; Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Impact; Glitches in software/hardware that provide erroneous data.
    • Remote Monitoring and Analytics: We not only provide secure approaches to monitoring the geographically spread-out infrastructure/equipment but assist our customers in having real-time data of valuable performance analytics. We specialize in bringing our Command-and-Control experience of real-time visualization of disparate resources all under one dashboard/management view.
    • Gas Distribution SCADA upgrades
    • Oil Well Pump Control System
    • Product Theft/Leak Detection